A Rationalist Critique of Deconstruction

  •           In A Rationalist Critique of Deconstruction: Demystifying Poststructuralism and Derrida's Science of the "Non," Morgan A. Brown engages in the most thorough criticism of Deconstruction and Structuralism to date, working from the standpoint of rationalist philosophy. Not only does he outline exactly what Deconstruction is, but he also outlines the methodology at the root of Jacques Derrida's pet philosophy of language. Brown draws amply from the insights of Austrian Economics in the tradition of Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich A. Hayek, and he guides the reader through his critique with a self-consistent foundation of methodical argumentation. Part epistemology, part linguistics, and part microeconomic theory, the book is a veritable textbook for the Humanities and a handy reference for the libertarian and conservative intellectual. Deonconstruction, the author contends, is best examined through the lens of microeconomic rationalism, since Derrida's theory is at base a literary incarnation of Vilfredo Pareto's Indifference Theory.

              This book is guaranteed to debamboozle literary criticism of the illogic that prevails in the current climate of Cultural Marxism. For students of literary theory, professors bewildered by postmodern thought, and philosophy students still struggling through the "Non," this book will prove to be a vital tool for confronting poststructuralism, and it equips the reader for confrontation with Derrida's slippery philosophy.

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