The Dial (2017)

  • In the first issue of The Dial

    , we feature poetry by Troy E. Camplin, Christopher Bacavis, Morgan A. Brown (the editor), A.A. Learmont, and Meister Nereus. The poems were selected for their links to the interplay of secular and religious ideals within poetry and society, and even to the poets and their forms within that nexus of ideas.

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The Dial

: A Magazine for Literature, Philosophy, and Religion

  • Ed. Morgan A. Brown

    "And so with diligent hands and good intent we set down our Dial on the earth. We wish it may resemble that instrument in its celebrated happiness, that of measuring no hours but those of sunshine. Let it be one cheerful rational voice amidst the din of mourners and polemics. Or to abide by our chosen image, let it be such a Dial, not as the dead face of a clock, hardly even such as the Gnomon in a garden, but rather such a Dial as is the Garden itself, in whose leaves and flowers and fruits the suddenly awakened sleeper is instantly apprised not what part of dead time, but what state of life and growth is now arrived and arriving."

    ---Ralph Waldo Emerson, "The Editors to the Readers,"

    The Dial. Vol. 1.1 (1841): 1-4.

    The Dial (1840-1929) was America's first truly extraordinary literary magazine. It was the joint product of the Transcendentalists, which was a group of intellectuals outside of the pale who revolutionized American literary thought in a way that it had not been influenced since the Great Awakening and the Revolutionary War. From Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Margaret Fuller to the magazine's second rebirth in the 1920's as the chief vehicle of Modernism, bridging the poets of England and America (Eliot, Pound, Yeats, etc.), The Dial transformed English poetry in the Great Tradition throughout the United States.

    We wish to see that rebirth once again in an age of cultural decline away from the individualist tradition that marked America's finest literary productions.

    No subject is off limits. No topic is too sacred or profane. The Dial, as we now envision it in this digital age, will be a truly remarkable project capable of absorbing English-language poetry and essays from across the world. It is a market-based operation, with freedom as its guiding light, and it shall tick off the hours of our new Enlightenment and reveal "what state of life and growth is now arrived and arriving."

    Please submit your poetry, political cartoons, and short essays to for consideration. Right now we plan to publish 12 digital issues per year, featuring the best of the best in The Culture & Anarchy Podcast, as well. Toward the end of the year, we will hold Facebook polls and Twitter votes in order to establish a small volume containing the most popular pieces, and some choice few of the editor's selection. We will then submit that volume to press on-demand, and make that volume availble through or another online retailer for purchase.

    Don't miss this opportunity to see a renaissance in English letters! Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep apprised of new developments with the Podcast and The Dial, and prepare yourself to hear and read "the best that has been thought and said."

    --The Editor

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